Ishikawa Foods


This rice features large, plump grains and is delicious even when cold, with satisfying texture. This is Ishikawa’s prized rice.

An original rice breed developed by Ishikawa Prefecture over nine years and debuted in 2017. It is characterized by its plump grains, fillingness and deliciousness even when cold. It is recommended to be eaten as rice balls and in lunch boxes, as well as when freshly cooked.

Filling, with large grains

Each grain is large, and when freshly cooked it is even more voluminousness. Enjoy rice’s deliciousness, as well as good flavor, texture and fillingness.

A good balance of graininess and stickiness

Hyakumangoku rice has a great balance between graininess and stickiness, as well as being filling.

Tastes great cold too

Hyakumangoku rice does not change in hardness and stickiness over time. Its sticky texture and flavor is maintained even cold.

Main production areas

Throughout the prefecture

Best seasons

Year-round shipping (newly harvested rice is shipped from late September)