Ishikawa Foods

Genboku shiitake mushroom (Noto Temari)

Genboku shiitake mushrooms are cultivated on logs of broad-leaf trees such as sawtooth oak and konara oak. There is another way of cultivating shiitake mushrooms with nutrition-added fine sawdust. There is a clear difference, however, in terms of umami, scent and texture. Genboku shiitake are available fresh or dried all year round. Those cultivated in the Oku-Noto area are shipped under the name “Noto 115.” Among them, those with a cap of 8 cm or over in diameter and 3 cm or over in thickness and with a curled part of 1 cm or over are sold under the brand name “Noto-temari.” They are even dubbed “mountain abalone” and “steak shiitake” because of their crispy, filling texture, scent and umami.

Main production areas

Suzu City, Noto Town, Wajima City, Anamizu Town, Nanao City, Tsubata Town, Hakusan City, Nomi City, Kaga City

Best seasons