Ishikawa Foods

Airy flora

The appearance of many buds blooming gradually makes us expect something good. Please use them as a present for loved ones and yourself.

This is a new breed developed in Ishikawa Prefecture over eight years. It is characterized by its neutral color, preferred by Japanese people, and its rare color variations. It debuted in spring 2012 with seven colors, followed by three colors in 2017, one color in 2020, and two colors in 2024. The flowers are large and there are two types of flower petal: single and eightfold. Its fragrance is sweet floral with some spiciness, and each has a distinctive fragrance. Since the flowers bloom from March to April (the season of graduations and school entrance ceremonies), the catchphrase for the flower is “a flower that celebrates departure”, and it symbolizes hope.

Best seasons

Mid-March to Mid-April