Ishikawa Foods

Nakajima-na (green leafy vegetable)

This vegetable has been cultivated in Nanao City for a long time, but has not been on the market, as it has mainly been consumed at home. However, in 1998, a study conducted by Ishikawa Agricultural College and Ishikawa Agricultural Research Center found that it contained a lot of functional ingredients that restrict increases in blood pressure. Riding the health boom, it has leapt into the spotlight. A mildly bitter and pungent taste does the trick in standard dishes such as boiled dishes and pickles. A variety of products containing this vegetable have been developed: dried noodles and puddings, to name a couple. Now Nakajima-na is sold outside the prefecture.

Main production areas

Nakanoto Town, Nanao City

Best seasons

April, November to December, January to March