Ishikawa Foods

Gensuke-daikon (Daikon radish)

Gensuke-daikon is certified as a Kaga Vegetable. It is characterized by its soft flesh and beautiful surface. As it does not fall apart easily while cooking, it is best for nimono dishes such as furofuki (simmered daikon with miso) or buri-daikon (simmered Japanese amberjack and daikon). It is a crucial ingredient for Kanazawa Oden (dish of many stewed ingredients). On the other hand, aokubi-sobutori-daikon varieties such as osaki-daikon and others cultivated in the prefecture are succulent and do not take long to cook all the way through. They are versatile, and can be used for various dishes.

Main production areas

Shika Town, Hakui City, Kahoku City, reclaimed land in the Kahoku-gata lagoon, Kanazawa City, Hakusan City, Komatsu City, Kaga City

Best seasons

October to November