Ishikawa Foods

Sweet potatoes (Noto-kintoki, etc.)

A soft, flaky texture with moderate sweetness makes you feel like eating one more

Sweet potatoes are cultivated on a large scale throughout the prefecture including “Gorojima-kintoki” (cultivated in the dunes of Kanazawa City), “Kahokkuri” (cultivated in Kahoku City) and “Noto-kintoki” (one of the Noto vegetables). According to the policy of giving priority to quality rather than quantity, the quantity of fertilizer is reduced to increase starch content, giving the potatoes a high sugar content and soft and flaky texture with less moisture. Gorojima-kintoki is a brand-name sweet potato with high name recognition and was trademarked in 1999, taking the lead over the other Kaga vegetables. The seeding and fertilizer are controlled to maintain quality. Since they have a nice color and shape, and are sweet, they are becoming popular nationwide. The great-tasting Noto-kintoki is certified as one of the Noto vegetables.

Best seasons

August to May