Ishikawa Foods


Arrowheads are large buds that sprout from the ground, and are auspicious ingredients used for new year’s dishes

Arrowheads are cultivated in wet paddies. The tubers created at the tips of the underground stolon are eaten. The fifth Kaga lord, Maeda Tsunanori, encouraged industry and agriculture and started the cultivation of arrowheads in the Gosho and Kosaka areas of Kanazawa City. Mikohara in Hakui City is the largest production area in the prefecture. In 2000, Dream Town Promotion Council was established together with residents. Kanazawa arrowheads were certified as one of the Kaga vegetables in 2002, and Mikohara arrowheads were certified as one of the Noto vegetables in 2007. Their production has been promoted. The main ingredient is starch, and they also contain asparagine, betaine and choline, as well as kalium, the Vitamin B group and phosphorus. They contain four times as much protein as sweet potatoes and twice as much as taro.

Best seasons

Late November to late December