Ishikawa Foods

Ohama beans

Valuable beans cultivated only in Suzu City

Currently these are very valuable beans that are cultivated only in Suzu City. Although it is not clear when the cultivation of these beans began, it is said that they were widely cultivated along the boundaries of rice paddies. Until around 1965 the beans were cultivated in the outer areas of the Noto peninsula, but now they are cultivated only in the Yokoyama area of Noroshi-machi, Suzu City. These beans are characterized by their slightly larger size compared to regular beans, and their black hilum. Since they have a good texture and taste, local products using Ohama beans, such as tofu and related products, are developed in the Yokoyama area. Their seeds are sown in late May to early June. These beans fall down easily due to their large size, making them difficult to cultivate. Since these beans contain a good balance of nine essential amino acids, it is said that they decrease bad cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis and cerebral stroke. In addition, isoflavone contained in the beans prevents breast and prostate cancer and alleviates climacteric disorder.

Best seasons

Late August to mid-September