Ishikawa Foods

Kobako-gani crab (female snow crab)

The female snow crab is called “kobako-gani” in Ishikawa Prefecture. It is about half the size of the male snow crab. Inside the carapace are orange-colored immature eggs called uchiko, and creamy innards. In the abdomen are a lot of brown granular eggs called sotoko. Although it has less meat than its male counterpart, it is favored by locals because of its taste. The snow crab fishing season lasts only about two months, starting on November 6. This precious winter delicacy is usually served with vinegar and soy sauce (roughly in equal proportions) after boiling. Restaurants serve boiled crab on the carapace with meat aligned on top of the eggs and creamy innards. Sushi bars serve sushi wrapped in nori with eggs and crab meat on top. The popular way to serve it as an ingredient for Kanazawa Oden is to fill the carapace with its meat and eggs and simmer it in the soup.

Main production areas

Suzu City, Wajima City, Shika Town, Kanazawa City, Kaga City

Best seasons

November to January