Ishikawa Foods

Sweet potato (Gorojima Kintoki)

There is a lot of sweet potato cultivation in Ishikawa Prefecture: Gorojima-kintoki in the sand dune area of Kanazawa City, Kahokkuri in Kahoku City, Noto-kintoki, which is certified as a Noto vegetable, etc. Gorojima-kintoki, one of the official Kaga Vegetables, is a “brand-name sweet potato” variety that is known all over Japan for its glossy appearance and sweetness. On a quality-over-quantity basis, less fertilizer is applied in order to increase the starch content of the potato. Thus, Gorojima-kintoki is characterized by its high sugar content and low moisture. It is also suitable for processing; sweets, soft ice cream, distilled liquor and other products have been developed. When cooking, adding heat slowly increases sweetness.

Main production areas

Shika Town, Kahoku City, Uchinada Town, Kanazawa City

Best seasons

September to March