Ishikawa Foods

Takamatsu Monpei persimmons

These large astringent persimmons are cultivated throughout the entire foothill area of Mt. Hodatsu. Persimmons obtain their distinctive sweetness, juiciness and chewy texture through an astringency removal process. Recently the astringency removal method changed from using alcohol to using carbon dioxide gas, which has increased the persimmons’ quality. It is said that this breed originates from the 100-year-old persimmon tree that grows in the yard of the “Monpei-sa” household in Kahoku City (former Takamatsu Town), Ishikawa Prefecture. When Monpei-sa’s persimmons were presented to Lord Maeda of the Kaga clan, a kanji character for “mon” (crest) was given to the name of the persimmons. Since then, Monpei-sa’s persimmons were called “Monpei” persimmons. In the area where Monpei persimmons are cultivated, a Shinto ritual in which scars are made on the trunk of a persimmon tree is performed in mid-January in hope of a good harvest.

Best seasons

Late October to mid-November