Ishikawa Foods

Noto-dainagon adzuki beans

These beans are remarkable among beans cultivated in Japan in terms of their size. Noto-dainagon-azuki beans, which have soft skin and good flavor, are prized as an ingredient for luxury sweets. When cooked, their skin does not break easily. When eaten, they do not leave anything in the mouth. Their flavor and texture are pleasant. All of these features make this bean popular, and orders are placed even from other prefectures. Since the beans are harvested by handpicking each pod, mass-production is not possible. Producers in Noto have registered this local specialty with the trademark “Noto-dainagon-azuki” and are focusing on promoting sales and increasing production.

Main production areas

Suzu City, Wajima City, Noto Town, Anamizu Town

Best seasons

October to November