Ishikawa Foods


Squid is a representative seafood of Ishikawa Prefecture. A variety of types of squid, including spear squid and big fin reef squid, are caught all year round. Japanese common squid accounts for 90% of the total catch. Angling is the most common fishing technique used to catch squid. A fleet of mid-sized squid-fishing boats of over 100 tons based in Ogi Port (Noto Town), is used to fish off the coast. Squid are flash-frozen on the boats to keep them fresh, and the frozen squid is also prized. Sashimi made from raw squid cut into fine strips is delicious. Cooking squid increases its chewy elasticity. As its flavor is not very distinctive, it goes well with other ingredients and can be enjoyed in various ways.

Main production areas

Suzu City, Wajima City, Noto Town, Nanao City, Shika Town, Kanazawa City

Best seasons

May to July