Ishikawa Foods

Oysters (Iwagaki oysters)

Iwagaki oysters are on the market from spring through summer. They are characterized by their size; they are so big that their shells look too small to contain them. Most of those on the market are wild. Divers harvest iwagaki oysters that stick to reefs or other surfaces. The oysters grow slowly. As it takes about 10 years before they grow large enough to be sold, Ishikawa Prefecture is taking measures to protect them by allowing only a small number of good-quality oysters to be harvested. Each production area promotes its oysters with its own name: “Iwagaki of Shibagaki” (Hakui City), “Iwagaki Harvested by Women Divers” (Wajima City), “Golden Iwagaki” (Suzu City).

Main production areas

Suzu City, Wajima City, Shika Town, Hakui City

Best seasons

April to August