Ishikawa Foods


A healthy vegetable with many variants Select one according to your taste or dishes.

Pumpkins contain a high amount of carotene and are well known as being rich in nutrients. There are a variety of pumpkins including rare colored and rare shaped pumpkins, as well as standard green pumpkins. Utsugi red skin pumpkins, which are one of the Kaga vegetables, are characterized by their vermillion color and sticky texture, while Noto Kogiku pumpkins are small; half the size of regular pumpkins and chrysanthemum-shaped. There are various kinds of pumpkins, such as those with a flaky or sticky texture. You can select one according to your tastes or the dishes you cook. They are widely used as an ingredient in various dishes such as steamed, cooked, deep-fried and stewed dishes, and sweets.

Main production areas

All of Ishikawa Prefecture

Best seasons

Early July to late August, mid-November to early December