Ishikawa Foods

Kinjiso (Gynura bicolor)

One of the 15 vegetables certified as “Kaga Vegetables.” Its name comes from the fact that its leaves are reddish purple, a color that is reminiscent of sweet potatoes and red kidney beans. (They all share the same Chinese characters in part of their Japanese names.) It has been cultivated in Kumamoto City for a long time. Legend has it that it was brought to Kanazawa on Kitamae ships during the Edo period (1603-1868). A summer vegetable, it is in season from July through October. In recent years, greenhouse cultivation has made it possible to enjoy kinjiso all year round. The leaves and young bud at the tip of the stalk are eaten. Boiled for a short time, it becomes slimy. Its pink juice is being used to develop products such as sweets and dry noodles.

Main production areas

Kahoku City, Kanazawa City, Hakusan City

Best seasons

July to November