Ishikawa Foods


Ishikawa Prefecture is one of Japan’s major watermelon production areas. Watermelons are mainly cultivated in three areas: (1) Kaga and the area between Kanazawa and Hakui, (2) Noto and (3) reclaimed land in the Kahoku-gata lagoon. Known for their sweetness and pleasant texture, they are shipped a lot to areas outside the prefecture. The way to pick a good watermelon is to check its sound and striped pattern. A clear sound when knocked means the watermelon could be very juicy. A completely round one with clear stripes and a shiny surface is proof of good quality. The seeds are found along the stripes. If you cut a watermelon along the green part, no seeds will be visible.

Main production areas

Suzu City, Noto Town, Anamizu Town, Hakui City, Kahoku City, Kanazawa City, Kaga

Best seasons

June to July