Ishikawa Foods

Gasu-ebi prawns

Because gasu-ebi prawns do not keep long after being harvested, they have been mostly consumed locally by people in the know. In recent years, however, technological advances have made it possible to keep them fresh while being shipped. Gasu-ebi is a general term that is used in Ishikawa Prefecture for certain species of prawns. Shiro-gasu-ebi is Argis lar and Kuro-gasu-ebi is Argis toyamaensis or Cragonidae. Both are characterized by their elastic texture, light sweetness and strong flavor. You will never forget their taste once you eat them. You should first experience them raw, as sashimi.

Main production areas

Kahoku City, Kanazawa City, Kaga City

Best seasons

April to June, September to November, January to March