Ishikawa Foods

Noto-sansai (edible wild plants of Noto)

Japanese people are very familiar with these plants, as they appear in the Man-yoshu, Japan’s oldest poetry anthology written more than 1,200 years ago. They are among the ingredients that show that Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with lush greenery. A variety of edible wild plants grow all over the prefecture. Noto, in particular, is a large production area, with approximately 250 varieties. Among these are butterbur, butterbur sprout, bracken and zenmai (Asian royal fern). When harvesting these plants, people ensure that the roots are left, so as to be environmentally friendly, and to ensure that they will continue to receive the blessings from the surrounding mountains. Butterbur, udo (Japanese spikenard), bracken, etc. are also cultivated in conditions close to the natural environment.

Main production areas

The entire Noto area, Hakusan City

Best seasons

April to June, January to March