Ishikawa Foods

Kaga-tsurumame (Hyacinth beans)

The standard name for this bean is hyacinth bean. It is a bean with a long history: a document from the Heian Period (794-1185/1192) mentions it. That is probably part of the reasons why it has acquired several different names, such as “hasshomame” and “toramame,” depending on the region. The beans cultivated in Kanazawa City are called “Kaga-tsurumame,” and are certified as one of the 15 Kaga Vegetables. They are enjoyed in various ways: simmered, dressed with miso or sauce and deep-fried. In Ishikawa Prefecture, common home-cooked dishes that contain these beans include somen noodles with eggplants or simmered dishes with deep-fried tofu. The beans are indispensable for home cooking.

Main production areas

Kanazawa City, Komatsu City

Best seasons

May to October